Hello Baby Program™

Perinatal Electronic Medical Record exclusively
for Obstetrics and Gynecology

With Hello Baby Program™,

an EMR specialized for obsterics and gynecology you can convert your medical record to an electronic from suiting your hospital / clinic.

  • A High-Quality
    Perinatal EMR System

    Hello Baby Program™ comes with screens exclusively for obstetrics and gynecology on which you can register medical information of prenatal checkups and health guidance. You can easily record clinical information which cannot be found on general EMRs. We also computerized formats which are peculiar to obstetrics and gynecology including the pregnogram and partogram. Hello Baby Program™ is a perinatal EMR with authenticity, visual readability, and storability.

  • Integrate your
    In-House Systems
    through a Seamless

    You can have a highly convenient in-house system set up by linking Hello Baby Program™ with various other systems such as the diagnostic ultrasound system, PACS, intensive obstetric care system, not to mention the general EMR. Our system is designed to be user-friendly and time-saving. Starting up the system via the general EMR[1] or capturing images and figures will not take up your precious time.
    [1] You can use Hello Baby Program™ with the client computer you are already using for your general EMR.

  • Data Utilization and Operational Efficiency

    By utilizing perinatal data, you can save the trouble you were facing with the conventional method. There is no need to re-enter the diagnosed data to record the pregnogram or the partogram. Nursing records, midwifery records, and birth registration forms can be generated from the same source. You do not have to worry about mistranscripting information. Our system can generate registers such as the delivery register, and conduct various statistical processing. With Hello Baby Program™, you can improve the efficiency of your business, which is the greatest benefit of going electronic with your medical records.

  • A Semi-Custom-Made[2] System Meeting Your Needs

    As the contents of medical records and operation procedures vary between hospitals, we check our client's actual operation and documents when we develop our system. Hello Baby Program™ will suit your needs in terms of contents and screen layouts. We try to keep your current procedures and formats[3] as much as possible, so that you can smoothly shift to a perinatal EMR .
    [2] Depending on your needs and budget, our system can be fully-custom-made.
    [3] We develop our system based on your paper-based documents currently in use.

Hello Baby Program, our data management system,
makes life much easier for you.

Facing these problems?

  1. Problem1

    Having a hard time finding the perinatal data you need.

  2. Problem2

    Delivery records and delivery registers can only be created by checking the medical record each time.

  3. Problem3

    Compiling annual statistics costs you precious manpower.

Hello Baby Program,

our data management system, makes life much easier for you.

  1. Solution1

    Systemize your paper documents.

  2. Solution2

    Easily generate various forms and records.

  3. Solution3

    Automated statistical processing.

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